Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Is it illegal to drive barefoot? Answered

I noticed a few questions circulating on the Internet about whether it is illegal to drive barefoot in the UK so I contacted the UK Driving Standards Agency a couple of days ago and received the following response:

"You can legally drive in the U.K. with bare feet, also you can take a driving test with bare feet."

So that confirms it for the UK.

All you British shoe haters out there can go for it and be free!!


The Foot

Thanks to the Driving Standards Agency for their prompt response.

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Simon Fox said...

While it isnt against the law to drive barefoot, it is recommended that shoes should be worn for safety. For example, in the event of even a monor collision, there is most likley to be glass fragments scattered in and arond the car. In the worse case you may need to run away due to a fire hazard or fuel leak, and again glass is a real concern.

Not to mention the chance of stepping on an Adder on the verge of a hard shoulder in the event of a breakdown if your going toes out :)